I decided to start this blog as an outlet for my bad days to deal with my copious maladies, lol. So that my peeps didn’t have to hear me whine is really what I trying to say, ha! My family and I were going through so much  for years, I didn’t know how to handle it on my own, how to process my feelings, how to be/try to be “normal” again. That one’s tough. I struggle most days still, even after all of the medication changes, the brain surgery, weight loss, nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes, to be my new “normal” self and accepting that this is it after all the dust settled.

Albeit, better than dead, of course, I am living with hydrocephalus, narcolepsy, trigeminal neuralgia , 3 types of migraines: hemiplegic, ice pick, and classic migraine. I had an ETV surgery for my hydrocephalus,  where an opening is created in the floor of the third ventricle using an endoscope placed within the ventricular system through a burr hole. Anyhoo, now  I can officially say I have a hole in my head, lol! I This blog I hope will help someone else, will make you laugh, I hope it will make you think wtf, I tend to have that effect on people, lmao, that’s cool too! Please feel free to add me, share my blog with a friend:) Thanx!

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