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I got the “wink” face/(


Now and again, weather related, sometimes, when I’m tired, when I’m not, when I’m happy, sad, angry, whatever the case, and on those certain occasions, I get what I actually have right now, and have decided to call my “wink” face.


In an instant, my right eye, sometimes the right side of my face, and even my body will go “paralysed” for minutes, hours, I believe the longest was a few days for the body.I will feel a tingling, burning, in my arm, or leg, til they droop like a rag doll, and a heaviness in my face like there is a weight hanging on it. For the longest time, before blogging, I just thought and so did my doctors, that it was migraine related, or remaining damage from delayed hydrocephalus surgery, causing more damage to my brain and nerves, basically I figured this is what I am stuck with, pain and paralysis. Anyhoo, after reading through some fellow narcoleptics, migraine, and hydrocephalus blog’s, it seems there might be a corolation between my intermittent paralysis and my narcolepsy. For years I have had these weird sensations like hair hurts, stings to breathe, ice cold eyeballs, freezing roof of my mouth, right side of my mouth no feeling, blindness in right eye momentarily, sleeping abruptly, stabbing, pain in my jaw, side of head,  pain in the side of my forehead, body paralysis, slurred speech, over ten years of so many weird symptoms, so many specialists, without any real answers, its frustrating for all of us, but now its somehow better since my brain surgery, like a new lease on life,getting time to sort myself out, lol:)Anyhoo, I can’t rule out migraine either, could be both or a three for, lol, Anyhoo, just needed to share about my
” wink” cuz its giving me a real problem todayπŸ’•
Please enjoy the beautiful summer day for me!🌸🌸

P.S. putting on eyeshadow is a real challenge, lmao! Good thing my younique party isn’t over just yet;)