If this was a dance competition, I’d win for sure!;) 

This is ahhhh… Let’s see day 5-6 of my lovely migraine, and it seems to not be going anywhere…anytime, lol. This rainy, stormy weather is also a beautiful accompaniment, or “dance partner” to my migraine symptoms. Struggling for years with migraines, extreme sleepiness, falling, temporary blindness, intermittent facial/body paralysis, passing out, etc, etc, etc, and seeing a bajillion doctors I had brain surgery or ETV, Endoscopic third ventriculostomy,which is a surgical procedure to treat hydrocephalus,  fluid build up on the brain, to correct these issues and hopefully give me back my life. It did pretty much just that, for eight months after surgery, I felt better than I had ever felt before, EVER!  I was off all meds from before the surgery, didn’t need anything for pain, I felt amazing! Then I started to decline pretty rapidly, the old tell tale signs started to come back, migraines, and the like, as much as I didn’t want to succumb to medication again, I knew I would not be able to bare the pain on my own, that’s where I’m at now, and if you’ve ever experienced migraines you will know what I’m talking about;) Anyhoo, Im just giving a little back story for those that don’t know me, and I’m venting a little as my migraine is STILL here, and it’s officially now just over a year since my ETV surgery, I’m now wondering about what the future is going to hold. I will keep you posted on my arch nemesis, the migraine;) 

Ciao for now💕


DIY KIND granola bars recipe and review

So I already posted these on Facebook last nite, as  I was really excited how well they turned out, compared to the real deal:) We used to buy them, then I thought, as I often do about everything,” wonder if I I can make these?” And sure enough, Pinterest has a plethora of recipes devoted to the Kind bar, whatever the flavour. Anyhoo, the recipe is super easy, takes just 15 minutes to bake, and there u have it, a dozen DIY KIND bars ready to go, cheap and cheerful!

Check Out Pinterest, Amanda Livesay’s awesome kind bar recipe link:)


Enjoy! Share! Let me know what u think !

Ciao for now!💕


Hi, world!💕

So this will be the first of many verbal blurbs by yours truly about cooking, sewing, my relationship, my love of nail polish, fashion and haircolor💕my health:hydrocephalus/ brain surgery, narcolepsy, weight loss journey, glaucoma , lol), Sculpting , and gardening, lol!

I will also be keeping everyone updated on new stuff coming to my etsy site, http://www.etsy.com/shop/fromlilou2you.

Anyhoo, I look forward to many more messages and sharing my world with u💕

Ciao for now💕



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