Let us break bread….

Let us break bread….

Sooooo after writing about my health I decided to write about my love of baking, BAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! And my love of eating it too, lol! The newest test bread is jalapeño onion beer and triple cheese bread, with hemp hearts thrown in for good health, lol.

What a beauty, I love the smell of this bread, and it was easy to mix up, too, especially with my new Danish dough whisk :)I can’t believe I have lived this long without one, lol! Ok, yes, I do have a Kitchenaid mixer with a dough hook, which I will use quite often for alot of my baking, but I was excited to try my Danish whisk to see if it lived up to the hype that brought me to purchase it in the first place, haha!
Anyhoo….as I said the whisk is awesome, you gotta get u one of those, K? like as soon as you are done reading this and sending it to all of your friends and telling them how awesome I am, THEN go get one, lol. alright now let’s talk turkey, er umm… I mean bread, that’s next week:)This is probably my 3rd go at this recipe, I have been adjusting it, here and there to make it perfect, and I think we finally got it! by all means, feel free to add more jalapenos, or other hot peppers, cheese, onion. It’s your bread, go for it!

Here’s the recipe:

1 room temp beer(your choice) go for dark, more flavour .
1 TBS butter
1 TBS sugar/honey
1 tsp salt
4 C flour (I used a combo of white and wheat, ur choice here.
1 cup whole hemp hearts
1 pkg yeast or 2 1/4 tsp yeast
1 C pepper jack or nacho cheese, shredded
1 C asiago, shredded
1/4 C parmesan
1/4 C cream cheese, go for jalapeno, or plain
1 TBS sour cream
2-3 jalapenos, chopped, seeded
1/4 white onion, chopped
1 egg
1 cooked cobb of corn, off cobb(could use 1 small can too)
1/4 C melted butter (basting)

So what you want to do is prep your yeast in another bowl with a 1/2 C of the beer and honey, while you wait for it to proof, combine your dry ingredients, and make a well in the center, add the rest of your beer and wet ingredients, and proofed yeast, mix with your fancy Danish whisk, or kitchenaid, or whathaveYOU, lol, then add your now take your jalapenos, onion, and corn, and puree til smooth in a blender or food processor, add this to your mix and stir.
now add cheeses, fold in, let rest, in a greased bowl with saran wrap, til it is double the size. Now punch, let rise, and then when it rises the 2ND time, punch it ONE more time, cover, and now preheat oven to 425 degrees.
When your bread rises AGAIN, now its ready to take out of bowl, knead with a bit of flour if needed and place in greased pan. Oh, I also brought my lil beauty out half way to baste with melted butter, but that’s just me, lol!!! phew!! ok!! almost ready, yaaay!! bake for 30-45 mins depending on your oven, or until golden brown and delicious looking, and theeennnnnn you can finally enjoy it, haha! Go figure:) but it will be well worth it, honest! pinky swear, lol. Don’t ask me how many calories, there is probably a bajillion, but its a cheat day bread so its ok, lol. Please comment, leave me your twists, or just say hi:)

”Update” on the update, lol of the wink face…..


It occurred to me I hadn’t touched base with you about my droopy body part problem in some time, but I have mentioned a bit in a previous post so Ithought I would elaborate. Turns out it’s not Bell’s palsy, oh, no, not when u keep getting it,  or a stroke, thank goodness, although I was told I was prone to having mini strokes or TIAs, which I wasn’t aware of  before, and was told to keep an eye on that in the future, but it wasn’t causing the present problem. Tuns out, we wouldn’t find out definitively til I meet my new neuro, And got diagnosed with the 3 different migraines that I found out it’s the Hemiplegic migraine that’s causing the drooping. I couldn’t believe there was a migraine that actually is called the “stroke” migraine, made sense, I had all the symptoms, and that’s how I was able to find out that I have multiple migraines, needing multiple remedies. I used to take a garden variety of medication for what I thought was just a big kahoona migraine, now it’s more sophisticated solution, albeit frustrating at times to get right, especially when it comes to the hemiplegic one. I have had a lot of support from all both my gp and my neuro, neuro surgeon, not to mention, my nutrionist as well, as I stated earlier I have had to restrict myself from a lot to try and rid my life of all these migraines and it’s worth it👍, plus my sweetie and I had already decided to see a nutritionist for weight loss and better health anyway so it was a win-win, and btw they are awesome ! I highly recommend. The triad weightloss clinic in Sarnia and the team there, Lisa Chilvers, the registered nutritionist, who will keep u on the straight and narrow, and Dr. Martyn Chilvers the medical side of things, he will take very good care of you, he will assess ur initial health, and problems u might have, and ur future goals,and along with Lisa and her by your side approach which I really appreciate, and know she is a phone call/text/email away if u feel like going off and having a bag of dill pickle chips, ha! Her healthy lifestyle coaching and nutritional counselling will get u on the road to a new you in no time. As ends is used in this medical weightloss regimen. Check them out here for more info, http://www.triadweightlossclinic.com. I wouldn’t be where I am today, if not for them I believe. I know we all have to stay focused on our own, but if you have the right tools, and motivation, mine, is my future, with my family, my sweetie, I am a very proud mom to 2 beautiful adult daughters, who I look forward to hearing from often, we talk about everything, the good and he bad, that’s life….about their day, or the time they spent with sweeties and friends. Being grandparents to a sweet little boy doesn’t hurt either, lol!! I know things will take time, and I will still have down days but I finally feel that we may have a handle on some things👍 Ciao for now peeps, eat ur broccoli!!😘

Here’s what’s coming to my Etsy store, shortly…..


Here’s my lovely mannequin, Mindy, modelling  a couple of my handmade scarf dresses/cover  ups. Super cute, awesome for summer, easy going, I like wearing them with jeans, shorts, too, or a cute skirt:) I have always been a fan of  vintage scarves, and diy, and I decided to put my stash together, and these lil beauties are a start of what I have come up with 😘

Please comment, share ur thoughts, good and bad, I am open to all feedback, but please keep it pg, ok?😘oh and I def, will be taking better pics just wanted to know what everyone thinks of the actual clothes before I put them up. Btw, they are going to be sold as one size, xl-1x size range, as they have elastic in the back and ajustable ties.I will be making different styles, some dresses, purses, etc, but  I will take suggestions too if u have any for products I can make with vintage scarves, too:)  Thanx for looking, again, don’t worry about the actual picture, I will be retaking it, for my store, just want comments  on clothes, and just so u know there is only one of each. 

Hi, Honey, I’m home……


Sorry, sweetie! I took a wrong  turn at the quickie mart and don’t know what the heck happened😜….somehow it turned into 2 months of no talkie to you😔 Anyhoo, where should I start? Well, on the noodle front( aka: head, not pasta) I have changed a few things again, lol. It is for the greater good, I feel like I am getting a handle on on my chronic pain, and managing, instead of it taking over my/ families lives. Since last we spoke I was taking Modafinil 2 times a day for my narcolepsy,  that’s been replaced with concerta. There were a lot of reasons for switching, but the main one was it wasn’t working anymore, which unfortunately seems to happen as you become used to it, and either have to go up in dosage (I was at max, and still falling asleep), or go off and try something else😀. I have felt a vast improvement in my fatigue, mental clarity, I don’t feel as though I’m going to nap every two minutes, lol. I am enjoying this for as long as I can, it’s wonderful being awake with the other humans, lol. My migraines, 3 types,  hemiplegic, ice pick and your classic👍, are getting  a bit easier to handle, well mostly because I have help sorting out a pain med regimen.i.e., Tylenol ice pick , exceed rinse for hemiplegic, etc, of course with my daily meds, too. I am changing my topiramate dosage to a minimum, to help with my fatigue symptoms, verapamil, is helping as a preventative too, keeping a lot of my nasty ones to a dull roar compared to even last year. I really feel more positive (most days, lol) about my migraine management, for lack of a better description, ha! Anyhoo, I have been dealing with some ups and downs with this whole thing, or correction my FAMILY and I have been dealing with this, and I look forward to more upbeat posts, but always want to share the good, the bad, and the ugly( me without make up)😘😘BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  

Ohhhh!! I almost forgot!! I have a new neuro he put me on a couple of restrictions to see what could b triggers for me, based on others, you know like cheese, dairy, bacon, deli, nuts, fermented,  lmao I think that’s all of them, Anyhoo, the worst for me has been the dairy, although only in my coffee😘anyone who takes topiramate knows dairy is no friend, anyways. Good news after all these restrictions, I was able to tell within less than 2 minutes I reacted with a hemiplegic migraine anything bacon, deli, ham, sausage ,code word for delicious😔😜 Truth is I have been going to a nutritionist for awhile now and getting healthy so it’s better for me anyway😘🍎 I will def be talking more about my nutrionist in upcoming posts and sharing more about my progress. Overall, onward and upward, as I write, I feel more focused, thanx, concerta, lol, and awake, before I would be dragging around like a zombie, unable to find any words for a sentence.  I hope u find these posts informative, interesting, or if anything kills some time for ya, and hey if u know somebody with some time to kill let them know about me would ya, I realllyyyyy don’t mind being followed😉 ciao for now, peeps, keep smiling !😀

Dabbling with some paint and brushes …

Dabbling with some paint and brushes …

wp-image--892225701I know what your thinking…. what the hell would two crabs be fighting over a hotdog for??…. It’s supposed to be a Frisbee, lmao! I had painted both of these for my sweetie, as a playful way to show my love a romantic gesture, if u will, the starfish, super cute, actually remind me of many a time my babe has dragged me outta the ocean, lmao, indeed there is a pirate ship tale I shall tell u about sometime soon….but not now:)

The lil crabs frolicking on the beach, with the “Frisbee”, again for my love, was a wink to the fact that physically we don’t have a hope or a prayer of running the beach playing Frisbee, at the moment,( but someday!) or any sport for that matter (originally I had a beach ball in place of the Frisbee), but we still love being with each other after all these years, and its more likely enjoying a hotdog, but that’s ok too:)

So a few things should be obvious by now, I love my sweetie, I like painting/drawing sea creatures in weird scenarios, I love to dabble in anything artistic even though I am self taught, and have some family born talent from my late father, who was an educated, actual trained artist 🙂 My thing has always been, if I have an interest in something, believe you can do it, and then if you can’t, fuck it, fake it til u make it! Everybody knows that mantra!

I will never be a pro and I’m ok with that, I love doing it ad that’s what matters, just like I love sewing, crocheting, jewelry making, and the bazillion other things I’m into, haha!

I won’t say its easy being with me, my sweetie puts up with ALOT, medically I am a wildcard, all over the map, its getting better for us over the years, thankfully, just have to try and stay positive. its hard. I’m exhausted pretty much all the time still, my pain, is sporadic, somewhat controlled, depending on the day, I get distracted at the drop of a hat, and I don’t have the luxury of working 24/7 on my passions as my body interjects quite a lot, so I never know when I will b ok to do what.. but whatever right, just gotta do it! Anyhoo,  all I can  say is as a person with chronic pain, stay inspired by life, stay positive, not only about your every days,  but your mini victories in your health. Sometimes I forget to celebrate the little things, the progressions that have brought me here, to this place right now, to actually be able to write for an hour with out stopping, that wasn’t always the case, I need to celebrate this win, today will be a good day……I hope, lol.

review for: My fabulous Fabletics:)

review for: My fabulous Fabletics:)

So I have been a customer of Fabletics for a long time now, and figured it would be an excellent choice for a review. I have heard a lot of sad sally’s sulk about a few things, mainly the price, and getting charged the monthly fees “against” their will, but c’mon, did they come to your house, on the nite of the 4th, and tie ya to a chair and say, “bahhaahahaahaha, we gotcha now, for another month, bahahahaahaha”, ahhh, I don’t think so, you just skip, lol! the price when compared to other brands, and compared to quality of goods, and the fact u get a whole outfit, in sizes u want, HELLO, it just works! Also, can we please understand that the selection of this brand? There’s athletic wear, swim wear, casual stuff, dresses, bras, undies, accessories, water bottles, hats, coats, etc, all of it is top notch, and has lasted me forever and a day. I have put my leggings for one through the wringer, and they have yet to pull, pill, fade, stretch, anything, and that’s with putting them in the dryer, too, lol! Which I have to admit at first I babied all my athletic stuff as with all previous brands they seemed to shrink if they even came within eye shot of a dryer, but this stuff, with the exception of some dresses, you can wash and go again no worries. The fit is fabulous, for once they know how to fit a lady, I have curves, ok, and some brands seem to think women are preteen boys, not Fabletics.! Finally lets talk about their styles and color palettes, fresh, and fashion forward, you can wear them even when your not working out, lol:) I like that they came out with plus sizes,1x-3x, I think that’s awesome!! Anyhoo, I look forward to enjoying my Fabletics, in the months ahead, and skipping the month, when I don’t want to, its just that easy, lil ladies:)

Review for you: Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick Matte #111 Kiss of Life

Review for you: Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick Matte #111 Kiss of Life

OMG, I am addicted to this saucy lil lipstick, lol!! I love everything about it, literally! The color is a homerun, it goes on smooth as silk, and dries matte, but not over too drying, I can wear this all night without worry, its there to stay, through most happy hours and beyond, haha! Seriously, though, it packs a punch in pigment, staying power, price point is pretty awesome, under $10, considering what it delivers, and I have paid allllot more for shi shi lipsticks that came off at the hint of a sip of coffee. So if you want my two cents, go for it girl, and color, I love the #111 Kiss of Life, that’s my fave, but doesn’t mean I don’t like the others:) Premo quality stuff here! Go get it, lil ladies!!


This mascara is by far the worst I have EVER tried, and believe me I have tried TONS! This stuff is junk! I don’t understand the formula, it’s supposed to be waterproof, ok, the texture feel like thick goopy honey on my eyes, I wasn’t able to layer to get length, or to thicken. I am very disappointed in everything about this crap mascara, I believe I was duped into spending around $10ish on this, which is about $9.50 too much in my opinion! Honestly I’m not trying to be so harsh but it took me almost 45 minutes and a whole bottle of my micellar water to get this gunk off my eyes, which btw, has proven to get anything off in the past💋 And cleanser AND it still was there!!Anyhoo, I guess it’s clear I am not a fan of this at all, lol! I appreciate the staying power of the formula if I can say anything positive, but the consistency is a joke, go back to the drawing board on this on, Mabelline.👎