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Day one of THRIVE!!


I made a decision recently to check out thrive by le-vel! It’s literally as easy as 1,2,3 every morning, 3 items, working together to give u ur best day ever! First there’s the lifestyle vitamin capsules, take them as soon as u wake up, even before u get out of bed! There’s some for men and women!
Next, u wait about 20-40 minutes then it’s time to have a delicious lifestyle mix shake, in either vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and apple pie flavour tooo, yum!
After this there’s one more important step and that’s the wearable vitamin technology, the DFT, which gives u a constant supply of what ur body needs and was needing to fulfill it’s necessary tasks of the day, basically all of the 3 steps work together to fill u up with all the good nutrients u need to get ur day going, so u will feel amazing! Better than u have in years!! I literally just started and I am already feeling like I can go out and “paint the town red” haha!Its an awesome feeling for someone with narcolepsy,I never felt quite awake enough before, even with my medications, it’s a nice addition to my daily health routine. I am seeing a difference already in my clarity, and mood, energy is intensified, but not over the top, I don’t feel jittery AT ALL, which is great! I am looking forward to 14 days from now my next weight\check in with myself😃 I will be back to tell u more about my progress, how I’m feeling, product info in depth, etc. If u would like to sign up for a free email account, copy and go to my website,, if u have any questions, or want to buy\sell ur self, just let me know!


Hi, Honey, I’m home……


Sorry, sweetie! I took a wrong  turn at the quickie mart and don’t know what the heck happened😜….somehow it turned into 2 months of no talkie to you😔 Anyhoo, where should I start? Well, on the noodle front( aka: head, not pasta) I have changed a few things again, lol. It is for the greater good, I feel like I am getting a handle on on my chronic pain, and managing, instead of it taking over my/ families lives. Since last we spoke I was taking Modafinil 2 times a day for my narcolepsy,  that’s been replaced with concerta. There were a lot of reasons for switching, but the main one was it wasn’t working anymore, which unfortunately seems to happen as you become used to it, and either have to go up in dosage (I was at max, and still falling asleep), or go off and try something else😀. I have felt a vast improvement in my fatigue, mental clarity, I don’t feel as though I’m going to nap every two minutes, lol. I am enjoying this for as long as I can, it’s wonderful being awake with the other humans, lol. My migraines, 3 types,  hemiplegic, ice pick and your classic👍, are getting  a bit easier to handle, well mostly because I have help sorting out a pain med regimen.i.e., Tylenol ice pick , exceed rinse for hemiplegic, etc, of course with my daily meds, too. I am changing my topiramate dosage to a minimum, to help with my fatigue symptoms, verapamil, is helping as a preventative too, keeping a lot of my nasty ones to a dull roar compared to even last year. I really feel more positive (most days, lol) about my migraine management, for lack of a better description, ha! Anyhoo, I have been dealing with some ups and downs with this whole thing, or correction my FAMILY and I have been dealing with this, and I look forward to more upbeat posts, but always want to share the good, the bad, and the ugly( me without make up)😘😘BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  

Ohhhh!! I almost forgot!! I have a new neuro he put me on a couple of restrictions to see what could b triggers for me, based on others, you know like cheese, dairy, bacon, deli, nuts, fermented,  lmao I think that’s all of them, Anyhoo, the worst for me has been the dairy, although only in my coffee😘anyone who takes topiramate knows dairy is no friend, anyways. Good news after all these restrictions, I was able to tell within less than 2 minutes I reacted with a hemiplegic migraine anything bacon, deli, ham, sausage ,code word for delicious😔😜 Truth is I have been going to a nutritionist for awhile now and getting healthy so it’s better for me anyway😘🍎 I will def be talking more about my nutrionist in upcoming posts and sharing more about my progress. Overall, onward and upward, as I write, I feel more focused, thanx, concerta, lol, and awake, before I would be dragging around like a zombie, unable to find any words for a sentence.  I hope u find these posts informative, interesting, or if anything kills some time for ya, and hey if u know somebody with some time to kill let them know about me would ya, I realllyyyyy don’t mind being followed😉 ciao for now, peeps, keep smiling !😀

review for: My fabulous Fabletics:)

review for: My fabulous Fabletics:)

So I have been a customer of Fabletics for a long time now, and figured it would be an excellent choice for a review. I have heard a lot of sad sally’s sulk about a few things, mainly the price, and getting charged the monthly fees “against” their will, but c’mon, did they come to your house, on the nite of the 4th, and tie ya to a chair and say, “bahhaahahaahaha, we gotcha now, for another month, bahahahaahaha”, ahhh, I don’t think so, you just skip, lol! the price when compared to other brands, and compared to quality of goods, and the fact u get a whole outfit, in sizes u want, HELLO, it just works! Also, can we please understand that the selection of this brand? There’s athletic wear, swim wear, casual stuff, dresses, bras, undies, accessories, water bottles, hats, coats, etc, all of it is top notch, and has lasted me forever and a day. I have put my leggings for one through the wringer, and they have yet to pull, pill, fade, stretch, anything, and that’s with putting them in the dryer, too, lol! Which I have to admit at first I babied all my athletic stuff as with all previous brands they seemed to shrink if they even came within eye shot of a dryer, but this stuff, with the exception of some dresses, you can wash and go again no worries. The fit is fabulous, for once they know how to fit a lady, I have curves, ok, and some brands seem to think women are preteen boys, not Fabletics.! Finally lets talk about their styles and color palettes, fresh, and fashion forward, you can wear them even when your not working out, lol:) I like that they came out with plus sizes,1x-3x, I think that’s awesome!! Anyhoo, I look forward to enjoying my Fabletics, in the months ahead, and skipping the month, when I don’t want to, its just that easy, lil ladies:)

The power of Fitbit


There is something about this little device that rules your world, not in a bad way, but in  good, motivational way, like a good buddy, smacking you in the ass pushing you on that last little bit so you can hit your step goal! YAAAYYY!! You made it ! lol, the power of this band has kept me pretty focused to lose over 50 lbs now, it has helped keep me on track with my water and calorie intake(when I remember to input the info,lol), tells me how many calories I’ve burned, stairs climbed, etc, etc, etc. Depending on which one u have it keeps your heart rate and your exercise, everything, they are awesome lil gadgets, and are highly motivating when you start to see results, especially then:)

I have the fitbit charge, pretty awesome, by fitbit standards, I think, middle of the road, in the line up, and my  001 got me the fitbit Aria wifi smart scale to go with it, I like having it as it automatically syncs my info(weight/fat%) to my fitbit profile.Fitbit, you are evil temptresses,adding the gorgeous Alta and Blaze, to the line up, how to choose,  for me its definitely between these two! tee hee!! Loving the new colors, I have to say, too! Another bonus I love is that you can sync the fitstar and fityoga app work outs with your fitbits for that total work out feeling and sense of accomplishment:) I truly have been pretty impressed with the quality of the products, I think they motivate you to have fun, get fit, and thats really what it all about 🙂

OH!! One more thing, always looking to add more people to do challenges with, and to motivate each other, so if you have a fitbit tracker, lets do a challenge:)

Ciao for now,♥♥