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Let us break bread….

Let us break bread….

Sooooo after writing about my health I decided to write about my love of baking, BAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!! And my love of eating it too, lol! The newest test bread is jalapeΓ±o onion beer and triple cheese bread, with hemp hearts thrown in for good health, lol.

What a beauty, I love the smell of this bread, and it was easy to mix up, too, especially with my new Danish dough whisk :)I can’t believe I have lived this long without one, lol! Ok, yes, I do have a Kitchenaid mixer with a dough hook, which I will use quite often for alot of my baking, but I was excited to try my Danish whisk to see if it lived up to the hype that brought me to purchase it in the first place, haha!
Anyhoo….as I said the whisk is awesome, you gotta get u one of those, K? like as soon as you are done reading this and sending it to all of your friends and telling them how awesome I am, THEN go get one, lol. alright now let’s talk turkey, er umm… I mean bread, that’s next week:)This is probably my 3rd go at this recipe, I have been adjusting it, here and there to make it perfect, and I think we finally got it! by all means, feel free to add more jalapenos, or other hot peppers, cheese, onion. It’s your bread, go for it!

Here’s the recipe:

1 room temp beer(your choice) go for dark, more flavour .
1 TBS butter
1 TBS sugar/honey
1 tsp salt
4 C flour (I used a combo of white and wheat, ur choice here.
1 cup whole hemp hearts
1 pkg yeast or 2 1/4 tsp yeast
1 C pepper jack or nacho cheese, shredded
1 C asiago, shredded
1/4 C parmesan
1/4 C cream cheese, go for jalapeno, or plain
1 TBS sour cream
2-3 jalapenos, chopped, seeded
1/4 white onion, chopped
1 egg
1 cooked cobb of corn, off cobb(could use 1 small can too)
1/4 C melted butter (basting)

So what you want to do is prep your yeast in another bowl with a 1/2 C of the beer and honey, while you wait for it to proof, combine your dry ingredients, and make a well in the center, add the rest of your beer and wet ingredients, and proofed yeast, mix with your fancy Danish whisk, or kitchenaid, or whathaveYOU, lol, then add your now take your jalapenos, onion, and corn, and puree til smooth in a blender or food processor, add this to your mix and stir.
now add cheeses, fold in, let rest, in a greased bowl with saran wrap, til it is double the size. Now punch, let rise, and then when it rises the 2ND time, punch it ONE more time, cover, and now preheat oven to 425 degrees.
When your bread rises AGAIN, now its ready to take out of bowl, knead with a bit of flour if needed and place in greased pan. Oh, I also brought my lil beauty out half way to baste with melted butter, but that’s just me, lol!!! phew!! ok!! almost ready, yaaay!! bake for 30-45 mins depending on your oven, or until golden brown and delicious looking, and theeennnnnn you can finally enjoy it, haha! Go figure:) but it will be well worth it, honest! pinky swear, lol. Don’t ask me how many calories, there is probably a bajillion, but its a cheat day bread so its ok, lol. Please comment, leave me your twists, or just say hi:)


I Focaccia you name…..


I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I’ve posted! OMG! My life has been has been all over the place lately, in every department you could say, lol, still trying to  feel better, but getting there, by getting healthier, every day:) Anyhoo, onto my lil indulgence …. Bread :)! I made some Sourdough and focaccia with olives and rosemary bread from the artisan book I have recently been praising πŸ™‚ AMAZING!! Seriously both were winners, I have made both of them many times:)If I could offer any advice or tips, it would be definitely do the the water tray in the oven, regardless of the bread you are baking, as it bakes a premium loaf, and keep your starter fed, and happy, look for weirdo colours, and yucky smells that shouldn’t be, pitch it if you aren’t sureπŸ‘πŸ» OH!! Parchment VS cornmeal, and having a pizza stone and or a dutch oven is an important part to artisan bread making, too, to create the beautiful crust we all love to eat:) 


Lisa 😘

Baking Artisan bread



This is a follow up to this morning, when I was telling you about my baking adventure, lol! Unfortunately I forgot to mention where I got the recipes from, haha! As I said it was a birthday gift, the name of the book is,” Artisan breads in 5 minutes a day”.Β Anyhoo, so far I have made focaccia, sunflower seed/flax, white, bagels, and a traditional rustic loaf, and all have been top notch except the rustic loaf, which was my first one, I didn’t let it bake long enough, nor did I pre heat the Dutch oven long enough I believe, as the rest I have done to perfection!:) Of course now that I’m trying Β to get healthier it’s more difficult to leave these things behind me so I have to just do them differently, and in moderation, with different flour, is keyπŸ’• I definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting to have special breads in their kitchen, delicious!!

Up next, I’ve got a brioche dough chilling in the fridge, it makes 4 one pound loaves so I will bake one and freeze the rest:) This dough is great for dessert options too as it has a rich and sweet flavour to it:)