Instant pot passion ❤️💕💕👏

Ok so I have had my instant pot for awhile now, and I have to say I am loving the convenience of this multi use unit! My particular instant pot is the Duo plus, it basically does everything u can literally think of haha! From the obvious Pressure-Cooking, slow cook, perfect every time 👍 rice maker, bread/cake even! There’s a yogurt/cheese maker, oatmeal, there’s buttons for meat, chili, beans, which is a great one to have for anyone who uses dried beans, no more do u have to soak them, awesome! Honestly they turn out great! My sweetie was less than thrilled when he saw it, thinking it was just another slow cooker, and what the heck do we need it for, we already have one, lol….That was before, now he’s making his famous chili, in the instant pot, and searing up pot roasts on Sunday afternoons.😀 I couldn’t love it more, it cuts cooking time down to 1/2, everything we have tried has turned out excellent, so it’s a no brainer, even from frozen! There is a sauté button on the instant pot so u can sear ur meat, sauté ur garlic and vegetables, before cooking, great for those sceptical about having enough flavour/ grill marks compared to bbq and stove top/oven cooking. Anyhoo, I have been really impressed with the clean up of my instant pot,too, you can go ahead and put the inner cooking pot and the lid, after removing the venting nozzle, and the rubber sealing gasket,this u can soak in 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 cup hot water this will help to remove doors, stains and food reside.Just remember to rinse well after. A few of our favourite recipes are Mongolian beef, prime rib, chili, mashed potatoes, peppercorn steaks, just to name a few, ohhh, and I love the convenience of throwing a pound of frozen hamburger in for last minute tacos or nachos, takes 5 minutes from frozen👍😀! Tonite I’m making pork chops, how about you?

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