”Update” on the update, lol of the wink face…..

It occurred to me I hadn’t touched base with you about my droopy body part problem in some time, but I have mentioned a bit in a previous post so Ithought I would elaborate. Turns out it’s not Bell’s palsy, oh, no, not when u keep getting it,  or a stroke, thank goodness, although I was told I was prone to having mini strokes or TIAs, which I wasn’t aware of  before, and was told to keep an eye on that in the future, but it wasn’t causing the present problem. Tuns out, we wouldn’t find out definitively til I meet my new neuro, And got diagnosed with the 3 different migraines that I found out it’s the Hemiplegic migraine that’s causing the drooping. I couldn’t believe there was a migraine that actually is called the “stroke” migraine, made sense, I had all the symptoms, and that’s how I was able to find out that I have multiple migraines, needing multiple remedies. I used to take a garden variety of medication for what I thought was just a big kahoona migraine, now it’s more sophisticated solution, albeit frustrating at times to get right, especially when it comes to the hemiplegic one. I have had a lot of support from all both my gp and my neuro, neuro surgeon, not to mention, my nutrionist as well, as I stated earlier I have had to restrict myself from a lot to try and rid my life of all these migraines and it’s worth it👍, plus my sweetie and I had already decided to see a nutritionist for weight loss and better health anyway so it was a win-win, and btw they are awesome ! I highly recommend. The triad weightloss clinic in Sarnia and the team there, Lisa Chilvers, the registered nutritionist, who will keep u on the straight and narrow, and Dr. Martyn Chilvers the medical side of things, he will take very good care of you, he will assess ur initial health, and problems u might have, and ur future goals,and along with Lisa and her by your side approach which I really appreciate, and know she is a phone call/text/email away if u feel like going off and having a bag of dill pickle chips, ha! Her healthy lifestyle coaching and nutritional counselling will get u on the road to a new you in no time. As ends is used in this medical weightloss regimen. Check them out here for more info, http://www.triadweightlossclinic.com. I wouldn’t be where I am today, if not for them I believe. I know we all have to stay focused on our own, but if you have the right tools, and motivation, mine, is my future, with my family, my sweetie, I am a very proud mom to 2 beautiful adult daughters, who I look forward to hearing from often, we talk about everything, the good and he bad, that’s life….about their day, or the time they spent with sweeties and friends. Being grandparents to a sweet little boy doesn’t hurt either, lol!! I know things will take time, and I will still have down days but I finally feel that we may have a handle on some things👍 Ciao for now peeps, eat ur broccoli!!😘

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