Here’s what’s coming to my Etsy store, shortly…..

Here’s my lovely mannequin, Mindy, modelling  a couple of my handmade scarf dresses/cover  ups. Super cute, awesome for summer, easy going, I like wearing them with jeans, shorts, too, or a cute skirt:) I have always been a fan of  vintage scarves, and diy, and I decided to put my stash together, and these lil beauties are a start of what I have come up with 😘

Please comment, share ur thoughts, good and bad, I am open to all feedback, but please keep it pg, ok?😘oh and I def, will be taking better pics just wanted to know what everyone thinks of the actual clothes before I put them up. Btw, they are going to be sold as one size, xl-1x size range, as they have elastic in the back and ajustable ties.I will be making different styles, some dresses, purses, etc, but  I will take suggestions too if u have any for products I can make with vintage scarves, too:)  Thanx for looking, again, don’t worry about the actual picture, I will be retaking it, for my store, just want comments  on clothes, and just so u know there is only one of each. 

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