Dabbling with some paint and brushes …

wp-image--892225701I know what your thinking…. what the hell would two crabs be fighting over a hotdog for??…. It’s supposed to be a Frisbee, lmao! I had painted both of these for my sweetie, as a playful way to show my love a romantic gesture, if u will, the starfish, super cute, actually remind me of many a time my babe has dragged me outta the ocean, lmao, indeed there is a pirate ship tale I shall tell u about sometime soon….but not now:)

The lil crabs frolicking on the beach, with the “Frisbee”, again for my love, was a wink to the fact that physically we don’t have a hope or a prayer of running the beach playing Frisbee, at the moment,( but someday!) or any sport for that matter (originally I had a beach ball in place of the Frisbee), but we still love being with each other after all these years, and its more likely enjoying a hotdog, but that’s ok too:)

So a few things should be obvious by now, I love my sweetie, I like painting/drawing sea creatures in weird scenarios, I love to dabble in anything artistic even though I am self taught, and have some family born talent from my late father, who was an educated, actual trained artist 🙂 My thing has always been, if I have an interest in something, believe you can do it, and then if you can’t, fuck it, fake it til u make it! Everybody knows that mantra!

I will never be a pro and I’m ok with that, I love doing it ad that’s what matters, just like I love sewing, crocheting, jewelry making, and the bazillion other things I’m into, haha!

I won’t say its easy being with me, my sweetie puts up with ALOT, medically I am a wildcard, all over the map, its getting better for us over the years, thankfully, just have to try and stay positive. its hard. I’m exhausted pretty much all the time still, my pain, is sporadic, somewhat controlled, depending on the day, I get distracted at the drop of a hat, and I don’t have the luxury of working 24/7 on my passions as my body interjects quite a lot, so I never know when I will b ok to do what.. but whatever right, just gotta do it! Anyhoo,  all I can  say is as a person with chronic pain, stay inspired by life, stay positive, not only about your every days,  but your mini victories in your health. Sometimes I forget to celebrate the little things, the progressions that have brought me here, to this place right now, to actually be able to write for an hour with out stopping, that wasn’t always the case, I need to celebrate this win, today will be a good day……I hope, lol.

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