review for: My fabulous Fabletics:)

So I have been a customer of Fabletics for a long time now, and figured it would be an excellent choice for a review. I have heard a lot of sad sally’s sulk about a few things, mainly the price, and getting charged the monthly fees “against” their will, but c’mon, did they come to your house, on the nite of the 4th, and tie ya to a chair and say, “bahhaahahaahaha, we gotcha now, for another month, bahahahaahaha”, ahhh, I don’t think so, you just skip, lol! the price when compared to other brands, and compared to quality of goods, and the fact u get a whole outfit, in sizes u want, HELLO, it just works! Also, can we please understand that the selection of this brand? There’s athletic wear, swim wear, casual stuff, dresses, bras, undies, accessories, water bottles, hats, coats, etc, all of it is top notch, and has lasted me forever and a day. I have put my leggings for one through the wringer, and they have yet to pull, pill, fade, stretch, anything, and that’s with putting them in the dryer, too, lol! Which I have to admit at first I babied all my athletic stuff as with all previous brands they seemed to shrink if they even came within eye shot of a dryer, but this stuff, with the exception of some dresses, you can wash and go again no worries. The fit is fabulous, for once they know how to fit a lady, I have curves, ok, and some brands seem to think women are preteen boys, not Fabletics.! Finally lets talk about their styles and color palettes, fresh, and fashion forward, you can wear them even when your not working out, lol:) I like that they came out with plus sizes,1x-3x, I think that’s awesome!! Anyhoo, I look forward to enjoying my Fabletics, in the months ahead, and skipping the month, when I don’t want to, its just that easy, lil ladies:)

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