Review for you💋 Lise Watier Magnifix Make up fixative with white tea 

Just picked this up as I know Lise Watier products very well and there quality is usually amazing. This did not disappoint ! The fragrance from the white tea and marine extracts were refreshing, felt wonderful on my bare skin too as refresher during the day,I even spritzed my do, too, haha, don’t judge, the scent is irresistible!! I’m impressed with the staying power of my make up with this product, compared to without, my combo skin was tamed dramatically, too! It lasted for 8+ hours I would say, no cakey look, not to greasy either, perfect Dewy look, lovely.I could feel a firming effect on my bare skin to a certain degree, I know this could be the tea or the Chitosan marine extracts working their wonders:) I LOVE that it’s alcohol free, that’s important to me for a lot of reasons, my medications I take cause a reaction, for one, lol, another is anti aging, the less alcohol going on my face means less wrinkles and irritation👍😘 Its made for sensitive skin, and under dermatological control. You get a decent size 115ml/3.8oz for approx. $24, in Canada. It comes in a pretty irredescent clear spray bottle. If you need another reason, this product won Elle Quebec and Canada 2016 Beauty Grand Prix BEAUTE 2016💋 Gotta love awards💕Overall, I am hard pressed for anything bad to say except maybe it’s a lil pricey, BUT when u add it all the benefits, and compare it to others, it’s a no brainer, babe!💋

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