I’m sold! Ok so I probably shouldn’t be starting my reviews with a “I’m sold !”right off the hop, but what can I say, it’s amazing! When compared to other liquid foundations, the viscosity is silkier and smoother, which obviously plays to the success of the partnership of the covergirl/ Olay formula. Instead of  creeping into our wrinkles it creates a beautiful new flawless complexion, plumping up the skin and giving it a youthful, dewy appearance:) It has a very light scent. I have to say that while I’m no stranger to compliments;)…..holy Hanna, when I put this stuff on, it’s like I was a hot topic at the water cooler, lol.

Normally, I am a primer girl first, then foundation, then powder, for this review, I tried it without primer, and without powder , to see how it would hold up over a days wear, and I was blown away impressed with the results, by the end of the day there was a bit of shine to my skin but beyond minimal compared to normal, but the feel, and firmness of my skin, it felt and looked refreshed. My eyeshadow, normally would be gone at this point, even with a primer, but even with out a primer, and just this foundation, everything stayed where it should, looked a lil worn, but never the less,  doable.Sorry I didn’t capture a photo of these results. I did get a picture of the next day results. So the next day I wore it, I use a brush, the website recommends a sponge, either would , comes in 12 colors, I use creamy natural 220, it is a perfect match:) Anyhoo, a little go’s a long way too, which I like too, cuz, this will set you back a pretty penny(or 2), but believe me, after you use it once, and realize you don’t even need primer, or powder, anymore:) at least (I didn’t )that will save ya in the long run😘 Being beautiful ain’t cheap😘 This will not be my last bottle that’s for sure:) 

I will have follow up comments,  about the other make up products I have featured in my photo in upcoming reviews😘

Bottom line is go get some……as soon as you’re done reading my blog😘💕

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