It’s my Younique party, I can share if I want to!😘💕

Above is the link to my Younique virtual party !! Just click and feel free to take a look at the amazing products, and if u like something, shop to your hearts content, I don’t mind, all sales, get me free and 1/2 price products:) or hey, if you are interested in having our own virtual party, you can do that too! Kaytlin McDougall, is my presenter, she can answer any questions you have, she’s a sweetie! 

Anyhoo, on with the review, the lip stain, In the shade Suntry, is top notch, compared to many I have tried, in many years, I have to say. The formula is slick and thin, I like that you can control the degree  of staining, like others, but this one the pigment is nicer in quality than others I have tried. The longevity of wear during normal activities, ie , kissing my sweetie, 😘,  drinking, eating, Over the course of a few hours I found it held up pretty awesome, really !😘 Removing the lip stain  with make up wipes was dead easy, too:) The quality of the Younique brand is great for the price point, you won’t be disappointed. I plan on stocking up on other colors, I actually regret not getting the set of 3, oh and the mascara, too, and the foundation, it’s a game plan to try ’em all, lol! Anyhoo, please check out my virtual party, and shop a little or a lot if u please, too:) 

Thanx , Ciaos for now😘


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