Battle of the primers😘 a review of 2 great primers, but which one is better? 

As a lover of all things beauty products, make up, hair products, etc, of course primers are on that list, and so I thought I would do a review of a couple that I have been using back and forth rather consistently until recently, which hastened my need to do the review with my results:) Anyhooo, the contenders are NYX PORE FILLER, and KEIL’S micro blur skin perfector. When comparing formulas, NYX is heavy hitting in dimethicones, crosspolymers and silicas, etc., which is all that you want and expect when looking for a primer. When I first started using it, I was quite happy with it, the formulation, is thick, covers well, and claims of minimizing pores and giving a doll like finish to your face, I actually agreed with for the first little bit, maybe 2 weeks of using it, but then the texture changed, or got dry, Anyhoo, it’s not Lux going on anymore. Now as I was saying Iwas going back and forth between the two primers, the KEIL’S micro blur skin perfector ingredients are much the same as NYX, dimethicones, crosspolymers, silicas, but it also has glycerin, which acts as a humectant or moisturizer, lipo hydroxy acid, bark and lentil extracts. I have to say, right from the get go, I knew this was the one for me, but like I said I was still using both back and forth to see a comparison. However after seeing the texture change in the NYX, making it nearly impossible to put on my skin, and with the skin loving ingredients in KEIL’S, I have to say, they are a sure fire winner in my eyes! No offence, to NYX, of course, it isn’t terrible, I just prefer the KEIL’S micro blur skin perfector, and I  will too:) Anyhoo, I will continue to review, please comment, let me know what you think of these products too!💕Let me know what your favourite primer is💕

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