Recently I went in for a Ct scan as I was “possibly”experiencing the all too familiar pressure of fluid building in my brain, and to avoid me going bye bye forever they thought it best to check me out:) initial reports are saying everything is fine, that’s good, but then again,” everything’s fine” got me an emergency surgery with a hole in my brain, (ETV), I don’t know, we shall see. The weather is still affecting me drastically, so now I take daily preventative medication for migraine, which also helps keep the pressure of my hydrocephalus down. 001 and I still see the nutritionist on a regular basis, and recently, she has even developed a plan for my narcolepsy in mind, eating protein first thing in the morning, lemon and water, and 2 huge green smoothies, carbs at nite for a good sleep , oh and coffee is “Out the door” or at least to a minimum, cuz as someone with narcolepsy, I learned it actually throws my body more out of whack than helps.

 Anyhoo, we’ve been doing this for a couple weeks so far, and I have seen that having the protein in the morning, really wakes my brain up, quite a bit! The smoothies are amazing, and energizing, I am on board 110% with any help to not feel sluggish, and fatigued and fall asleep randomly in odd places. The decision to ultimately go back on medication to compliment my nutritional lifestyle was hard but necessary, I can’t stay awake through the day, without the help of Modafinil medication, and a few quick unsolicited sleeps. A lot of people think that oh, you should be well rested, or compare their being tired to my being tired, sorry no comparison, sweetie, I can sleep all night, get up and within the hour be ready for bed again, experts compare the tiredness level of people with narcolepsy to  being  awake for 48 to 72 hours, I agree !  The truth is my body will never go into the repair cycle like everyone else, I go into rem in under 30 seconds and most everyone else go in 90 minutes or there abouts. My hair looks like straw, my nails peel, my skin is moody, all thanx to never stopping in to the repair station, lol. Not to mention, the workout it Does on my organs, oh, well, what’s ya gonna do?;)Anyhoo, I am going to stay super positive that everything will be ok, and tomorrow will be abetted day, especially if it isn’t raining, lol!

 Ciaos, for now !😘


One thought on “UPDATE ON THE NOODLE😘

  1. Wow, I’m sorry to hear that your suffering from narcolepsy.
    I think you should go for whatever suits you the best!
    It is your lifestyle and you know yourself better than anyone else.
    Diet makes a huge difference, I’m very happy to hear that it worked out for you alongside Modafinil. I hope that there will be a proper cure and that you will no longer have narcolepsy.
    Your description of the hair, nail and skin condition doesn’t sound fun at all🙈.
    Really hope you get as much rest as you possibly can! 😁

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