I Focaccia you name…..

I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I’ve posted! OMG! My life has been has been all over the place lately, in every department you could say, lol, still trying to  feel better, but getting there, by getting healthier, every day:) Anyhoo, onto my lil indulgence …. Bread :)! I made some Sourdough and focaccia with olives and rosemary bread from the artisan book I have recently been praising 🙂 AMAZING!! Seriously both were winners, I have made both of them many times:)If I could offer any advice or tips, it would be definitely do the the water tray in the oven, regardless of the bread you are baking, as it bakes a premium loaf, and keep your starter fed, and happy, look for weirdo colours, and yucky smells that shouldn’t be, pitch it if you aren’t sure👍🏻 OH!! Parchment VS cornmeal, and having a pizza stone and or a dutch oven is an important part to artisan bread making, too, to create the beautiful crust we all love to eat:) 


Lisa 😘

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