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Recently I went in for a Ct scan as I was “possibly”experiencing the all too familiar pressure of fluid building in my brain, and to avoid me going bye bye forever they thought it best to check me out:) initial reports are saying everything is fine, that’s good, but then again,” everything’s fine” got me an emergency surgery with a hole in my brain, (ETV), I don’t know, we shall see. The weather is still affecting me drastically, so now I take daily preventative medication for migraine, which also helps keep the pressure of my hydrocephalus down. 001 and I still see the nutritionist on a regular basis, and recently, she has even developed a plan for my narcolepsy in mind, eating protein first thing in the morning, lemon and water, and 2 huge green smoothies, carbs at nite for a good sleep , oh and coffee is “Out the door” or at least to a minimum, cuz as someone with narcolepsy, I learned it actually throws my body more out of whack than helps.

 Anyhoo, we’ve been doing this for a couple weeks so far, and I have seen that having the protein in the morning, really wakes my brain up, quite a bit! The smoothies are amazing, and energizing, I am on board 110% with any help to not feel sluggish, and fatigued and fall asleep randomly in odd places. The decision to ultimately go back on medication to compliment my nutritional lifestyle was hard but necessary, I can’t stay awake through the day, without the help of Modafinil medication, and a few quick unsolicited sleeps. A lot of people think that oh, you should be well rested, or compare their being tired to my being tired, sorry no comparison, sweetie, I can sleep all night, get up and within the hour be ready for bed again, experts compare the tiredness level of people with narcolepsy to  being  awake for 48 to 72 hours, I agree !  The truth is my body will never go into the repair cycle like everyone else, I go into rem in under 30 seconds and most everyone else go in 90 minutes or there abouts. My hair looks like straw, my nails peel, my skin is moody, all thanx to never stopping in to the repair station, lol. Not to mention, the workout it Does on my organs, oh, well, what’s ya gonna do?;)Anyhoo, I am going to stay super positive that everything will be ok, and tomorrow will be abetted day, especially if it isn’t raining, lol!

 Ciaos, for now !๐Ÿ˜˜



@ the COCO BONGO MEXICO๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๏ปฟ

@ the COCO BONGO MEXICO๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๏ปฟ

I’m going to take you back about 10 years to when our daughters were just old enough to enjoy a vacation in Mexico, and boy were they excited to go! We were too, sure we had seen the typical sites around here and there and soaked them in, but now it long past time to get the girls into real vacation mode…. In MEXICO!! Anyhoo, being, that 10 years has past, I will likely forget things like what we ate on the plane but, what I won’t, is the look on Ashley’s face my eldest,(on left) when she was slinging back tequila shooters with her step dad, Todd, or 001, as he likes to be referred to, lol. We have some awesome shots of that! Can’t recall if it was that night or not, but we went to a cool place called COCO BONGO, Play Del Carmen๐Ÿ’•  what a riot that was!! The place was huge, the lights were bright, the music was loud, everyone was dancing, having a great time, 001 tipped someone so we could go to the best, the highest the most awesome spot to sit, as I am a table dancer , yes that’s right, I remain seated at all times, I move my drink provocatively in the air to the music, I fist pump, I sing along, just like all the other cool girls, but alas, I was not gifted with rhythm. In my mind, I can dance like There’s a throw down going on somewhere, but in reality your grandma’s got more game, so I stick to the seat beats.

So anyway, we are soaking it all up, it’s crazy, what’s going on in here!, girls twirling in the sky, impersonators/ singers on stage, characters that move through the crowd., ie Spider-Man, superman, beetle juice these guys literally climb through like a jungle gym up to the top of the bar and back down and say hi to everyone, and go say hi to someone else, and to others, like in my case, they kiss them, full on the mouth, when your not expecting it, and your in full chair dance mode, enjoying your 10th Tom Collins, how rude! Not to mention gross and sweaty, which brings me to H1N1. Swiftly and shortly thereafter, I felt sick to within an inch of my life quite literally, coughing, fever, everything, tenfold, nightmare wouldn’t go away with cough medicine, finally went to docs, based on symptoms, and my local at the time,he said that I was likely one of the first H1N1 patients. Isn’t that fun? I’d rather a t shirt, lol, Anyhoo, could be another reason behind the narcolepsy, still don’t know.  Haha, forgive me this seems to be a never ending jarbled story.In future I hope to get more organized in thought. Haha.

Anyway, back to my riveting tale……

We decided to give the girls their own room, although it was a joining , so they could feel “adult” but we would be right there if they needed us, heck, what did they need us for, the hotel had free 24  HR  room service, tv , pp view, spa treatments to your room if you wanted it, etc, this will become important later, trust me. Anyhoo,they loved their room, the view the scenes, they wanted to go swimming, well we told them you can’t until you lather up on sunscreen big time! Anyone that’s travelled to Mexico, and has pale skin, knows the two don’t mix, we gave Ashley and Madison(right) both sunscreen and told then please don’t wear anything less than 50+,  when you go to get another tube, they said ok , no prob, mom, thought it was the end of the sunscreen speech. NOPE. The next few days they are sunbathing together within eyesight of us but with independence, and we get the waves, and the kisses, and all that, lol, they were funny. Mexico is amazing, this was our 2nd trip I believe, it’s always different when you go with someone else:) Madison, loved riding on the trolley to go basically anywhere, haha.It was a huge resort, unfortunately brain injury moment lol can’t remember the name of her bloody place, but I will ask 001, and edit later, peeps๐Ÿ’•
Anyhoo, back to the sunburn caper, lmao, my girls thought that it would be a good deal if they could get a great tan and sunscreen in one so they get the 15 screen and oil in one, without our knowledge, hence the black ops tanning, lol, and. The rest of their vacation was spent in their room with room service and ppview movies. If memory serves, Madison’s nose  and lip was badly blistered,and the top of hand, Ashley’s face looked like hamburger, and their bodies thankfully were only slightly pinkish hue, although I’m not sure how. All I can say is wear your sunscreen, always tell your children your proud of them for anything and everything they do, they need your guidance and encouragement , and love and support, no matter their age๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜˜  love you Ashley๐Ÿ’•, love you, Madison๐Ÿ’•

I Focaccia you name…..


I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I’ve posted! OMG! My life has been has been all over the place lately, in every department you could say, lol, still trying to  feel better, but getting there, by getting healthier, every day:) Anyhoo, onto my lil indulgence …. Bread :)! I made some Sourdough and focaccia with olives and rosemary bread from the artisan book I have recently been praising ๐Ÿ™‚ AMAZING!! Seriously both were winners, I have made both of them many times:)If I could offer any advice or tips, it would be definitely do the the water tray in the oven, regardless of the bread you are baking, as it bakes a premium loaf, and keep your starter fed, and happy, look for weirdo colours, and yucky smells that shouldn’t be, pitch it if you aren’t sure๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป OH!! Parchment VS cornmeal, and having a pizza stone and or a dutch oven is an important part to artisan bread making, too, to create the beautiful crust we all love to eat:) 


Lisa ๐Ÿ˜˜