The power of Fitbit

There is something about this little device that rules your world, not in a bad way, but in ย good, motivational way, like a good buddy, smacking you in the ass pushing you on that last little bit so you can hit your step goal! YAAAYYY!! You made it ! lol, the power of this band has kept me pretty focused to lose over 50 lbs now, it has helped keep me on track with my water and calorie intake(when I remember to input the info,lol), tells me how many calories I’ve burned, stairs climbed, etc, etc, etc. Depending on which one u have it keeps your heart rate and your exercise, everything, they are awesome lil gadgets, and are highly motivating when you start to see results, especially then:)

I have the fitbit charge, pretty awesome, by fitbit standards, I think, middle of the road, in the line up, and my ย 001 got me the fitbit Aria wifi smart scale to go with it, I like having it as it automatically syncs my info(weight/fat%) to my fitbit profile.Fitbit, you are evil temptresses,adding the gorgeous Alta and Blaze, to the line up, how to choose, ย for me its definitely between these two! tee hee!! Loving the new colors, I have to say, too! Another bonus I love is that you can sync the fitstar and fityoga app work outs with your fitbits for that total work out feeling and sense of accomplishment:) I truly have been pretty impressed with the quality of the products, I think they motivate you to have fun, get fit, and thats really what it all about ๐Ÿ™‚

OH!! One more thing, always looking to add more people to do challenges with, and to motivate each other, so if you have a fitbit tracker, lets do a challenge:)

Ciao for now,โ™ฅโ™ฅ



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