Meet My Lil Murray💕💕💕

This little guy came into our life about 3 years ago now, I had lost my mom, was grieving soo much and he brought me alot of comfort and happiness when i needed it most💕 It turned out though, that he needed us, just as much! When we got him he was just a lil guy, about 12 weeks old I think, a cute lil fur ball, haha! He was having some tummy troubles so we took him to the vet, figured it was the food he had been given, by the previous owners,worries we thought, we will get something better.Then the worst happened! A few weeks later, after his condition seemed to worsen, even with his diet change, exercise, my lil Murray, wasnt himself. It was then I noticed that his side was bulged out and I rushed him to the vet. It turned out that lil Murrays previous owners had fed him all manner of things adult food and the like, at this point in our ownership was barely 2 weeks, our vet said the damage and scar tissue was months old, kept opening, and healing and opening and healing til it finally ruptured while with us, thankfully we got him there quickly, unfortunately they couldn’t do the meticulous repair that was necessary to fix him properly, so we had to take him for another operation to Michigan. We of course went, Murray now had two assholes, and only needed one, and Michigan was the place to go to fix those sorts of problems. Well its been years now since that operation, they had to reconstruct a new bum for him, lol, now he’s the happiest lil shih tzu on earth💕 We spoil him rotten, he struts around like he owns the place, haha, our daughters think we have lost our minds when it comes to lil Murray💕💕He is a character, that is for sure, has a routine in the morning, has to sit on the chaise by the window, with his favourite toy💕 I look forward to seeing what he’s going to do next, lol! He is a very silly shih tzu:) There are a ton of stories i will share next time….

Ciao for now💕

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