From Lilou 2 You, building my Etsy Empire;)

Forever and a day I have been uber creative, very DIY EVERYTHING, and when I found Etsy as a portal to sell my homemade wares, I was in love💕  You can sell anything and everything made by you, from soaps to jewelry, clothing, purses, fragrances, cards, knit/crochet items, toys, artwork, etc. Myself, I sell jewelry, clothing , knit/crochet, soaps, purses, leather goods, artwork. Presently, my store is quite bare, lol, as I am just now getting back to things from being off from my brain surgery, but don’t worry it will be stuffed to the rafters again real soon, I’m a busy lil bee working away on some new things, bright new fresh ideas, hope you like them enough to want to buy them, and take them home 🙂 Look forward to showing you some of my new products as they get created and go up for sale💕💕


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