How you doing??

Hope everyone had an amazing Easter with family and friends !💕 I unfortunately still had my migraine, which had moved to behind my eyes,  causing me to be  violently ill, and cry like a baby:( not a good combo for family gatherings . I was so hoping to be done with it by then, but it was a doozie! Right now as I write, remnants remain, and I am nervous it is going to return again, thought this was behind me, I guess at least I am used it …??Anyhoo, on a happier note I made a fabulous salad for the dinner as my contribution, it was my take on a tomato avocado salad, and it was a winner 👍🏻

I have felt a real pull to bake lately so I decided last nite to bake a loaf of  Foccacia   bread, from starter, and an amazing bread recipe book she gave me for my birthday💕

Then I thought I would whip up some zucchini bread  for a  quick snack  for my sweetie,  001, as he likes to be called, 😘  For when he’s at work:)  Today I have to make another batch of the DIY Kind bars they do not last around here, lol!

Thats all for right now but I will be sharing a sewing project later today, so ttyl💕

Ciao for now💕



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