Baking Artisan bread


This is a follow up to this morning, when I was telling you about my baking adventure, lol! Unfortunately I forgot to mention where I got the recipes from, haha! As I said it was a birthday gift, the name of the book is,” Artisan breads in 5 minutes a day”. Anyhoo, so far I have made focaccia, sunflower seed/flax, white, bagels, and a traditional rustic loaf, and all have been top notch except the rustic loaf, which was my first one, I didn’t let it bake long enough, nor did I pre heat the Dutch oven long enough I believe, as the rest I have done to perfection!:) Of course now that I’m trying  to get healthier it’s more difficult to leave these things behind me so I have to just do them differently, and in moderation, with different flour, is key💕 I definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting to have special breads in their kitchen, delicious!!

Up next, I’ve got a brioche dough chilling in the fridge, it makes 4 one pound loaves so I will bake one and freeze the rest:) This dough is great for dessert options too as it has a rich and sweet flavour to it:)


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