Excuse me,uh, one more thing….

Any Columbo fans? Well this famous tag line fits the bill in my life as I usually always have one more thing to say, haha! In this case, it’s regarding Narcolepsy. I was diagnosed a few years ago after a sleep study was conducted. It was revealed that I was falling asleep in under 30 seconds. We were hopeful that the symptoms were a part of the hydrocephalus, unfortunately, they are not, however they were intensified by my condition, before my brain surgery. Since my surgery, just over a year now,:) symptoms are far less, but still present, but we deal with them.  As a skill set, falling asleep in under 30 seconds is nothing to brag about, and its not getting u that dream job, unless maybe sleep country is hiring bed testers;) Anyhoo, onward and upward that’s  all we can do, just be positive, right? All I know is I am wayyyyy better than I  was, so that is a blessing, oh, and sleep country if you are reading this, and you do need a bed tester, I’m your girl:)

Ciao for now💕




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